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Global Partners


Founded in 2005, Advanced Materials Technology (AMT) is an innovative product development and manufacturing company based in Wilmington, Delaware (USA), dedicated to researching and designing high quality, enabling separation science working materials for scientists worldwide.

The Advanced Materials Technology team was formed with industry experts who took 100+ years of experience with their creativity and launched a range of new products designed to tackle the industry's toughest application challenges. Focusing on design for speed and efficiency, they created the first 'small-particle core-shell' for HPLC using Fused-Core® technology. AMT then began producing multiple product lines to continue offering innovative solutions for difficult applications. The company has continually expanded and strengthened its capabilities by investing in superior talent and expertise in the field of liquid chromatography.

The team at AMT is dedicated to producing innovative products and being a leader in the timely delivery of the highest quality separation products and is recognized as the best in the field.


Nacalai Tesque is one of Japan's leading suppliers of life science reagents.

Manufacturer of HPLC and capillary columns, toxins, antibodies, enzymes, cell culture media, analytical kits and research chemicals.

It is a supplier to laboratories in universities, pharmaceutical and food and beverage companies, public and private research institutes.

As an exporter of its own COSMOSILR HPLC and capillary columns, separation kits, toxins and biological reagents, Nacalai Tesque is developing its R&D and business activities in the international research chemistry and life sciences market to meet the global demand in Biotechnology, Genomics, Proteomics and Nanotechnology.


Ohio Valley Specialty Company is located in Marietta, Ohio. With more than
50 years of experience in the field of gas chromatography, they are sure to
be able to help you with any of your gas chromatography needs.
Ohio Valley Specialty Company has been manufacturing liquid phases
since 1966. OV phases such as OV-1, OV-17, and OV-624 can be found in
GC labs around the World.
They have also variety GC producs and consumables to your needs.


HPLC is currently the most important chromatographic method for analyzing carbohydrates, alcohols and organic acids. This technique is easy to use and can make fast, specific, precise and precise measurements. Benson Polymeric offers a variety of polymeric-based columns for the analysis of carbohydrates, organic acids and alcohols.


Membrane Solutions is a global supplier of analytical and laboratory supplies with high quality, good service and reasonable price.

It offers laboratory and industrial scale solution products addressing the fields of medicine, life science, chemistry and food.

Membrane Solutions brand covers a wide area with chromatography vials, septums, sample storage, pure water systems, sample preparation consumables, filtration equipment such as syringe filter and membrane filter, sterile filtration products, cell culture, molecular biology and microbiology products.

"Individually we are a single drop
  but together,
we are one big ocean."

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

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